On this day: Isabella I of Castile died (26th November 1504)

26 Nov

On the 14th September 1504 Isabella withdrew from government affairs. She died the same year on the 26th November 1504 at the age of 53 years old. It is believed/said that Isabella’s health had declined since the death of her son Prince John in 1497.



On this Day: The Tower of London catches fire (21st November 1548)

21 Nov

On this day in the year of 1548 the Tower London catches fire due to a barrel of gun powder. One prisoner unfortunately died in the fire.



On this Day: Hans Holbein died (20th November 1543)

20 Nov

On this day in the year 1543 Hans Holbein died from the plague. Hans Holbein was a German artist who painted many portraits of the Tudor Family especially Henry VIII his wives and his children. Holbein was born in 1497 and when he died he was the age of 45. As far as it is knew/believed Hans Holbein was never married and never had any children.


Question Time

19 Nov

Do you believe that Jane Seymour was the love of Henry VIII’s life?

Let me know what you think! x

Edward VI, King of England

19 Nov

Born: 12th October 1537

Died: 6th July 1553

Edward VI was the son of Henry VIII and his third wife Jane Seymour. When Edward was born Henry was overjoyed because he finally got the one thing that he wanted and desired the most in life and that was a son and heir. Edward was christened on the 15th October 1537 and his half-sister Mary was made his godmother and his half-sister Elizabeth carried chrism. Edward was a very healthy and strong baby. Unfortunately, Edward’s mother Jane Seymour sadly passed away on the 24th October 1537 from childbed fever. Henry was devastated and he continued to call her his Queen Consort, true love and wife. at the age of 7 months Edward was in fact betrothed to the future Mary, Queen of Scots. However, in December the Scots repudiated the betrothal. In 1547, Henry VIII died and left his son Edward VI just 9 years old King of England. In February 1553, Edward became ill and by June that year it was clearly he wasn’t going to survive. Edward announced his cousin Lady Jane Grey as his heir and successor. On the 6th July 1553, Edward died and Lady Jane Grey was crowned Queen of England. However she would only be Queen of England for 9 days. Edward’s half-sister Mary had Lady Jane Grey executed and she was then crowned Queen of England like it stated in her father’s will if his son died and left no heir. When Edward died he had reigned England for just 6 years he was 15 years of age. Even though Edward didn’t rule for as long as his thought he would have, his reign made a lasting impression/contribution to the English Reformation and the Church of England. 


Elizabeth I, Queen of England

19 Nov

Born: 7th September 1533

Died: 24th March 1603

Elizabeth I was the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. She was the last reigning Tudor Monarch of England. Elizabeth was only 2 years and 8 months old when her father had her mother executed for adultery, treason, etc. When Elizabeth’s father died in 1547 Elizabeth’s half-brother Edward became King of England. Elizabeth had grew a close bond with her father’s last wife Catherine Parr and when her father died Catherine Parr became the soul guardian of Elizabeth. Catherine Parr soon married Thomas Seymour the brother of Jane Seymour. Thomas took a big interest in the 14 year old Elizabeth. Catherine never stopped the things Thomas did like tickling Elizabeth etc. Instead she joined in, however, when she found Elizabeth and Thomas in an embrace, she ended this state of affairs. In May 1548, Catherine had Elizabeth sent away. Elizabeth was crowned Queen of England on the 15th January 1559. When Elizabeth became Queen was 25 years of age. Elizabeth never married and never had any children. She was offered hand in marriage many times but she declined them all. Robert Dudley was the Queen’s favourite and over the year Historians had debated that Elizabeth and Robert had a secret relationship. Dudley died short after the victory of the Spanish Armada. After the death of Elizabeth, a note was found from Dudley to Elizabeth and marked on it was his last letter in Elizabeth’s handwriting.  On the 24th March 1603, Elizabeth died. On the 28th April Elizabeth was buried in her half-sister Mary’s tomb in Westminster Abbey.


Mary I, Queen of England

19 Nov

Born: 8th February 1516

Died: 17th November 1558

Mary I is the daughter of Henry VIII and his first wife Catherine of Aragon. Mary was very much like her mother a devoted Catholic which she continued to be for her whole life. Henry did have a lot of affection towards Mary but he was deeply disappointed that her Mother never gave him the son he desired so much. When Mary reached the age of 9 it was clear that Henry and Catherine would have no more children. In 1525, Henry sent Mary to the border of the Wales to preside. In mid 1528 Mary reached back home and returned to court in London. When Mary was only 2 years old she was promised to Dauphin the son of King Francis I of France. However, this promise was broke 3 years later. When Mary was 6 years old she was promised to her 22 year old first cousin the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. However, this promise was broke off only a few years later by Charles with Henry’s agreement. Then a marriage treaty was signed which meant that Mary would marry either King Francis I of France himself or his second son Henry, Duke of Orleans. However, an alliance was secured with France without the marriage taking place. When Henry divorced Mary’s mother Mary refused to accept Anne Boleyn as Queen or that of her half-sister Elizabeth. Henry and Mary’s relationship grew worst and Mary didn’t see her father for 3 years. Mary was offered ill due to her ill treatment and her mother was also ill. But Henry refused to let Mary go and visit her mother. When Catherine died Mary was inconsolable. On the 6th July 1553 Mary’s half-brother King Edward IV died and Lady Jane Grey was made Queen of England. However, Lady Jane Grey was only Queen of England for 9 days. Mary wasn’t crowned Queen of England until 1st October 1553. By the time Mary was 37 years of age she turned her attention to finding a husband. In 1554, Mary marries King Philip of Spain. However, their marriage wasn’t a happy one and Philip was always in Spain and Mary was always in England. However, in September 1554 Mary and her doctors thought she was pregnant because she had stopped menstruating, gained weight and felt nauseous in the mornings. However, it turned out that Mary wasn’t pregnant at all. When Philip found out that Mary wasn’t in fact pregnant he left England to go and command his troops in France. By this point, Mary was devastated and fell into deep depression because of the recently events that had occurred in her life. In 1557, King Philip visited England and his wife again and Mary thought once again that she was pregnant and the baby was due in March 1558. However, this was yet again a false pregnancies and Mary had no choice but to name her half-sister Elizabeth her successor in the event of her death. May 1558, Mary had grow weak and very ill and sadly died at the age of 42 years old on the 17th November 1558. In Mary’s will she stated that she wanted to be buried alongside her mother, however, this didn’t happen and Mary was buried in Westminster Abbey on the 14th December 1558. Mary would later share her tomb with Elizabeth herself.


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