Anne Boleyn (The Most Happy)

15 Nov

Born: 1501/1507

Died: 19th May 1536

Anne Boleyn was Henry VIII’s second wife. Before Henry’s interested in Anne occurred, his mistress was Anne’s sister Mary Boleyn. Once Mary had given birth to Henry’s child a baby boy, he turned his interest to Anne. Anne was a Lady-in-waiting to Catherine of Aragon. Anne refused Henry’s advances until Henry’s marriage to Catherine were annulled. Once this happened Anne gave herself willingly to Henry and they were later married. Anne and Henry were married on the 25th January 1533. Anne was in fact the only Queen other then Catherine to be crowned. Anne soon fell pregnant and on the 7th September 1533 Anne gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Henry and Anne named the new born baby girl Elizabeth. Elizabeth would grow up to become Elizabeth I, Queen of England. Anne fell pregnant for a second time and in August/September 1534 Anne gave birth to a baby boy. They named his Henry, Duke of Cornwall. But within 2 minutes of the birth of the baby boy he died. Anne fell pregnant again and in 1535 Anne sadly miscarried a baby boy. Anne fell pregnant for the fourth and last time and on the 29th January 1536 Anne gave birth to a baby boy who was unfortunately stillborn. By this point Henry was already courting his next wife Jane Seymour. Henry had grew tired of Anne and he failed attempts to give him the son that he desired so much in life. An investigation occurred and Anne was charged with adultery, incest and treason. On the 14th May 1536 Cranmer dissolved Henry and Anne’s marriage which meant Henry was free to marry again. On the 17th May 1536 Anne’s brother George and the other accused men were executed. Henry employed an expert swordsman and on the 19th May 1536 Anne Boleyn was executed.



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