Catherine of Aragon (Humber and Loyal)

15 Nov

Born: 16th December 1485 
Died: 7th January 1536  

Catherine of Aragon married Prince Arthur Tudor on the 14th November 1501. Prince Arthur was betrothed to Catherine at the age of 2. Their marriage was part of the Treaty of Medina del Campo. Unfortunately Prince Arthur and Catherine’s marriage was suddenly cut short. Prince Arthur suddenly died at the age of 15. Catherine was now a widow. On the 11th June 1509 Catherine of Aragon married Prince Arthur’s younger brother Henry VIII by this point Catherine was 23 years old and Henry was almost 18 years old. Catherine quickly fell pregnant after the wedding. On the 31st January 1510 Catherine gave birth to baby girl but sadly the baby girl was stillborn. Catherine fell pregnant for the second time and on the 1st January 1511 Catherine gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Catherine and Henry were overjoyed and named the baby Henry and he was given the title of Duke of Cornwall. However there happiness was short lived because on the 23rd February 1511 young Henry suddenly died. Henry and Catherine were devastated. However, Catherine did fall pregnant again and in October 1513 Catherine gave birth to another baby boy was unfortunately the baby was stillborn. Yet again Catherine fell pregnant again and in December 1514 gave birth to another baby boy. Henry and Catherine gave this baby boy the same name as their first born son Henry, Duke of Cornwall. However, yet again their happiness was short lived the baby boy died within a few hours of birth. Catherine fell pregnant again and on the 18th February 1516 Catherine gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Henry and Catherine named the young Princess Mary. The baby girl would later grow up to be Mary I, Queen of England. Catherine fell pregnant for the last time and on the 10th November 1518 Catherine gave birth again to baby girl. The baby girl died within a week of her birth and remained unnamed. By this point Henry was growing tired of Catherine not giving him the one thing her desired the most a son. Henry started taking an interest in Anne Boleyn one of Catherine’s Lady-in-waiting. Henry started to believe that his marriage to Catherine was cursed because he married his brother’s bride. Henry decided that he wanted to annul his marriage to Catherine. However, the Catholic Church refused the annulment. It is believed that Anne Boleyn talked Henry into breaking away from the Catholic Church and start up the Church of England. Henry sent Catherine away to Kimbolton Castle, where she died. She was then buried in Peterborough Cathedral. Henry never attended the her funeral and he refused their daughter Mary to attend too. 





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