Edward VI, King of England

19 Nov

Born: 12th October 1537

Died: 6th July 1553

Edward VI was the son of Henry VIII and his third wife Jane Seymour. When Edward was born Henry was overjoyed because he finally got the one thing that he wanted and desired the most in life and that was a son and heir. Edward was christened on the 15th October 1537 and his half-sister Mary was made his godmother and his half-sister Elizabeth carried chrism. Edward was a very healthy and strong baby. Unfortunately, Edward’s mother Jane Seymour sadly passed away on the 24th October 1537 from childbed fever. Henry was devastated and he continued to call her his Queen Consort, true love and wife. at the age of 7 months Edward was in fact betrothed to the future Mary, Queen of Scots. However, in December the Scots repudiated the betrothal. In 1547, Henry VIII died and left his son Edward VI just 9 years old King of England. In February 1553, Edward became ill and by June that year it was clearly he wasn’t going to survive. Edward announced his cousin Lady Jane Grey as his heir and successor. On the 6th July 1553, Edward died and Lady Jane Grey was crowned Queen of England. However she would only be Queen of England for 9 days. Edward’s half-sister Mary had Lady Jane Grey executed and she was then crowned Queen of England like it stated in her father’s will if his son died and left no heir. When Edward died he had reigned England for just 6 years he was 15 years of age. Even though Edward didn’t rule for as long as his thought he would have, his reign made a lasting impression/contribution to the English Reformation and the Church of England. 



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