Elizabeth I, Queen of England

19 Nov

Born: 7th September 1533

Died: 24th March 1603

Elizabeth I was the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. She was the last reigning Tudor Monarch of England. Elizabeth was only 2 years and 8 months old when her father had her mother executed for adultery, treason, etc. When Elizabeth’s father died in 1547 Elizabeth’s half-brother Edward became King of England. Elizabeth had grew a close bond with her father’s last wife Catherine Parr and when her father died Catherine Parr became the soul guardian of Elizabeth. Catherine Parr soon married Thomas Seymour the brother of Jane Seymour. Thomas took a big interest in the 14 year old Elizabeth. Catherine never stopped the things Thomas did like tickling Elizabeth etc. Instead she joined in, however, when she found Elizabeth and Thomas in an embrace, she ended this state of affairs. In May 1548, Catherine had Elizabeth sent away. Elizabeth was crowned Queen of England on the 15th January 1559. When Elizabeth became Queen was 25 years of age. Elizabeth never married and never had any children. She was offered hand in marriage many times but she declined them all. Robert Dudley was the Queen’s favourite and over the year Historians had debated that Elizabeth and Robert had a secret relationship. Dudley died short after the victory of the Spanish Armada. After the death of Elizabeth, a note was found from Dudley to Elizabeth and marked on it was his last letter in Elizabeth’s handwriting.  On the 24th March 1603, Elizabeth died. On the 28th April Elizabeth was buried in her half-sister Mary’s tomb in Westminster Abbey.



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